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Baby Kids Educative Games

1.88 usd

**************************************GooglePlay allows you to install and test the application for 15 minutes, if at this time you are not convinced, you can click the "Get reimbursement" and will cancel the purchase.**************************************With this application, children can learn and improve their skills with 11 fun games. In addition, they will practice languages, because during the game you can use Spanish and English.
The recommended age is 2-6 years, perfect for preschooler’s kids.
This application is AD FREE, unlike the free APP, and will be updated shortly with a new game and with more cards in each of the games.
With the game will learn:- Colors (English and Spanish)- The musical notes- Numbers (English and Spanish)- Memory, with the memory cards- The logic to solve puzzles- The animals, their names (English and Spanish) and sounds- Paint, to be creative, with a simple game suitable for children- Distinguish and associate forms- Responsiveness, psychomotor apparatus- Apparatus psychomotor and spatial vision, using the labyrinth with accelerometer- Associate and relate- Distinguish shapes and colors
During the game, for going to the menu you have to press the button on the top left corner. Once in the menu, to exit the game you have to press the back key.